LCS Automatic weighting sewing machine
The LCS small single bucket weighing and packaging machine is a quantitative bagging device controlled by a computer, combining mechanical feeding and electronic weighing. This machine has the characteristics of accurate measurement, intuitive display, simple operation, reliable performance, low noise, stainless steel and corrosion resistance, etc. It is an ideal small quantitative packaging equipment.
The main function:
鈼?Zero point tracking
鈼?nbsp;The thickness and thickness of the two sets of feeders are controlled separately to ensure accuracy
鈼?nbsp;Electronic scale measurement, only need manual bagging
鈼?nbsp;With peeling and calibration function
鈼?nbsp;Target value, thickness feed value can be arbitrarily set and protection against power failure
鈼?nbsp;Free adjustment of feeder speed
鈼?nbsp;The meter directly displays the weight of the material
Table salt, bath salt, washing powder, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, sugar, beans, rice, miscellaneous grains, seeds, milk powder and other flake, granular or fluid powdery materials.
TypeWeighting range(g)Allowable error(g)Speed Bags/minVoltage V/hzPower(w)
LCS-102000-100000鈮β?56-12220/50250Bag Packing Machine factory

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