Double Roller Blinds are a truly innovative and easy way to ensure your blind shades your room the way you want it to, every time 鈥?blackout or dimout fabric in the same window.
Double roller blinds consist of two roller blinds mounted to shared brackets, each on their own barrel with their own mechanism. However, this allows you to enjoy have a dimout blind, which reduces light but does not cut it out completely, and a blackout blind, which prevents any light coming through, in the same window.
Made to Measure Double Roller Blinds
Our Dual-Barrel Roller Blinds are made in our China factory using top quality materials and fabrics.
Each blind is controlled by its own chain which is secured to the wall with a child safety device which also keeps it from hanging loosely and in the way. The chain for the top front blind is on the right side of the blind and the chain for the lower back blind has the chain on the left-hand side, keeping them separate and easy to operate.
The blinds are mounted on a single, metal bracket that allows you to mount two blinds to it.
The fabrics are colour matched between, however due to difference in opacity the colour may appear slightly different. The dimout fabric is ideal for preventing glare on screens or reducing the light levels during the day, whilst a blackout fabric will cast a room into total darkness, creating an environment conducive to a restful night鈥檚 sleep.
Showcasing the quality that a DotcomBlinds roller blind is renowned for, such as the metal barrel, sturdy brackets and nickel chain, whilst combining the best of both worlds in terms of fabric.Blinds suppliers

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