Technical parameter
Max.working length3000mm
Max. Working width2000mm
Min.working thickness50mm
Main motor power15kW
Power requirement3Phs 380V 50Hz
Water consumption8m3/h
Installation space (L/W/H)6000*3500*2700mm
Approximate weight6200kg
Waxing is the first generation of stone maintenence. Stone wax is a water soluble material, it will form a protective film on the surface of the stone, can improve the brightness, but also can play a protective role to prevent bleeding. Waxing machine is specially an automatic equipment for stone surface waxing after polishing.
1銆両ntegated structure, easy installation and test.
2銆丼ensor real time sense stone shape, waxing head lifting and beam movement control automaticly.
3銆乄axing head fixed linearly, single beam swing, with good stablity.
4銆丄utomatic wax spraying device.
5銆丼tone feeding speed adjutable.
6銆乄orking direction customized.
Machine characteristic
PLC control system, Human computer interaction interface, machine running by parameter, automatic fault alarm.
Integrated structure, bridge type,waxing head fixed linearly on bridge with reciprocating oscillation, roller drive belt feeding stone;
Wax supply by automatic vacuum control, waxing pressure adjustabl;
Slab shape automatic sensed, linkage control with bridge movement, head lifting.锛?/p>
Waxing machine can use alone, or together with other production line.
Bridge type.
Spindle box assembly in crossbeam, guarantee waxing head stable movemetn.
Longitudinal rail equiped with linear guide, guarantee beam stable movement.
Waxing head configurate unique damping device, improve the quality of grinding stone. Each head lifting controled by double cyliner, pressure adjustable.Stone Polishing Machine manufacturers

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