GrowSpec is a planting device manufacturer based in Foshan, China. From the date of foundation in 2015, GrowSpec take 鈥?/span>Industrialize, standardize and process planting鈥?/span> as our mission. In 5 years we have been dedicating for providing customers with optimal solutions for different crop cultivation projects.
GrowSpec is not just LED grow device, GrowSpec is an idea! The idea of how to optimize the process of photosynthesis for vertical farms and greenhouses, how to ventilate the vertical cultivated plants to prevent powdery mildew, how to set up irrigation (aeroponic /hydroponic / media)system for more harvest and better quality, etc.
Main products of GrowSpec include:
* LED Grow Lights (both for indoor and greenhouse)
* VertiPlanter (a moving racking grow system that integrated with LED grow Lights, PVC tray, vertical air flow systems and touch screen control panel)
* LAVACS (LED Aeroponics Vertical Automated Cultivation system) Custom LED Horticulture Lighting

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