The mixing head of the automatic mixer has three designs: single paddle single speed, single paddle double speed, double paddle double speed. Among them, the double paddle double speed can effectively avoid the mixed dead angle. This type of mixer is equipped with multiple containers, and the lifting, locking, tilting, stirring and lowering procedures of each hopper can be completed automatically. This equipment is suitable for larger batch production scale.
Main Characteristic:
Thanks for superior sealing there is no powder leakage.
a. The container is mixed during the tilting process, and the dispersion is uniform without solidified particles.
b. Convenient color change and high production efficiency.
c. Easy to load and unload, clean and maintain.
d. The container trolley can be used as a material transport tool.
e. Automated operations and operations
Main Technical Parameter:
Model Container Capacity(l)Mixing Motorkw)Tilting Motor(kw)Control Type(kw)Dimension
(m x m x m)

Machine Pic:
Company Profile:
Yantai Donghui Powder Processing Equipment Co., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of Complete Production Line for Powder Coating.
25 years of experience helps Yantai Donghui to make the perfect products.
Yantai Donghui Powder Processing Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of powder coating processing machinery with experience over 10 years. Donghui manufactures qualified equipment for powder coating with our own feature. Various requirements of customers and individual users can be satisfied with our advancing techniques.
Worshop View:
We make machining part in our own factory to control the quality of the machine parts to make sure the machine's quality.
Our Certificate:
CE Certificate
CE Certificate authorized by LL-C Inspecting Authority from Italy.
TUV Anti-explosion Certification
EU-Type Examination Certificate Number: T脺V 18 ATEX 8297 X. Equipment and Protective Systems intended for use in Potentially Explosive Atmosphere - Directive 2014/34/EU
Our Advantage & Service:
-Technical Support Online Service
According to customer's requirement, we provide layout (plant designer), excellent mechanical engineer, excellent electrician, etc.
-On-site Training Service
In customer factory, we provide all kinds of training, including installation, commissioning
-Long-term Maintenance
In the area of maintenance, we offer needs-oriented and standardized maintenance packages, such as the overhaul of components, gearboxes, in order to guarantee the safe and economic operation of plant and machinery.
-Formulation Provided
Some customers are worried their final products if can get best result, we have our own formulator (Engineer for powder coating formulation) who is testing and updating the formulation according to customer requirement all the time. And have very good experience for the formulation to support customer to make different effect powder coatings.Container Mixer manufacturers

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