Humic acid urea
Brand Name: JM
Place of Origin: China
Application: Agriculture fertilizer
Color: dark black
Brief introduction: Humic acid urea can adjust soil PH,improve fertilizer efficiency.
Product description:
Humic acid urea is a kind of value-added urea. Humic acid has strong ion exchange ability and adsorption ability can inhibit the activity of urease, slow down the decomposition of urea, reduce volatilization, and gradually release nitrogen, extend the fertilizer efficiency. At the same time, the biological activity of humic acid can promote plant root development and nitrogen metabolism in Vivo, promote nitrogen absorption, improve fertilizer efficiency. The utilization rate of humic acid urea reached 85%-95% . However, common urea n 鈮?6.4% is an acylammonium nitrogen fertilizer. The nitrogen can be absorbed by plants only after it is decomposed into ammonium nitrogen by urease secreted by urea bacteria. The utilization rate is generally 30%-40% . The fertilizer efficiency is low, volatilization is fast and pollutes the environment, soil compaction and other drawbacks.
Humic acid urea, can improve the physicochemical properties of soil, adjust soil pH , promote soil microbial activity, increase soil enzyme activity, loose the soil, regulate the water, fertilizer, gas and heat condition of soil, promote root growth, enhance the conversion rate of organic and inorganic fertilizers in soil, increase plant chlorophyll, improve plant photosynthesis and crop resistance, prevent soil compaction, soil desertification, environmental pollution caused by excessive application of inorganic fertilizers, and prevent plant physiological diseases, improve crop yield and quality etc.
1. 50kg1000kg per bag, or according to clients' request.
2. Neutral packing with white or yellow PP or PE woven bag ,or printing by clients 鈥榬equest for bulk order.
Supply Ability: 10000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Nitrogen Fertilizer

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