Model 120 Integrated Rice Milling Unit
The rice milling unit procession from cleaner, destoner, husker, paddy separator, rice whitener, rice grader and polisher and colour sorter and packing machine.
Necessary Unit Machines
鈥?1 TQLZ125 Oscillating cleaner
鈥?1 TQSX125 Suction type destoner
鈥?1 MLGT51 husker
鈥?1 MGCZ46脳20x2 paddy separator
鈥?3 VS80 rice whitener
鈥?1 MJP120脳4 rice grader
鈥?1 MPGW 22 polisher
鈥?1 CCD384 colour sorter
鈥?1 DSC-50 packing machine
鈥?4 TDTG 180 Elevators
鈥?6 TDTG 150 Elevators
鈥?1 Electrical control cabinet
鈥?Capacity: 100-120T/D
鈥?Overall dimensions (L脳W脳H mm): 3x40GPComplete Rice Processing Machine manufacturers

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