Special Function
• Advanced qualified lock stitch sewing head, rotating speed can be up to 3000RPM.
• Diagnostic testing for thread broken and pattern compensation.
• Adjustable presser plate in different thickness.
• Memories restart all patterns after stop quilting.
• 360° T&J and simple pattern, more than 200 patterns.
• Capable pattern-designing software can adopt various quilting file and quilting system.
• Daily output counter and total output counter.
• Needle arrangement and pattern showing.
• Automatic needle lift, pneumatic thread cutting and thread break detector.
• Pattern compensation and correction.
• Servo driver motor operations.
• Automatic material feeding and cutting device.
Technical Specification:
Quilt width=2400mm
Quilt thickness=80mm
Needle sizeDP ×17 21#/22#/23#
Rotation speed of needle2000 Rpm
Production speed40-120 m/h
3-phase,220V 60Hz
Gross weight4500Kg
Size(L × W × H)10000 × 4500 × 1600mm
Feature Icon:
New Flower pattern

Mattress panel, mattress pads, bedspreads, comforters, bedding, upholstery, and etc.
Installation Layout:Single Needle Quilting Machine suppliers

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