coal mill special Asynchronous Motor
YMKQ type (Air-air Cooling) and YMSQ type (Air-water Cooling) high starting torque asynchronous high-voltage motors developed by Beijing Power Equipment Group independently is a coal mill special matching motor.
●Product Model and Performance Parameter
Product ModelPerformance Parameter
YMKQ Series & YMSQ Series200kW-1400kW
●Technology Feature
The motor with small volume has more than 2.9 times starting torque, thus it can start rapidly and smoothly under the conditions of 75% of the rated voltage, thick coal seam and high loading force. It has the advantages of short starting time, low starting current, low rotor failure rate and strong overload resistance. Its various indicators, such as efficiency factor and power factor are all superior to those of YKK series motor, and all of its parameter performances have reached the advanced level both at home and abroad.
●Structure description:
The electric motors are all box-shaped, and the base is welded by steel plate, which is light in weight and good in rigidity. The closed cooler is installed on the top of the motor, which is convenient to disassemble and facilitate the maintenance and repair of the motor.
The stator winding adopts Class F insulation, the end has reliable fixed binding, and adopts the introduction of Germany's advanced vacuum pressure impregnation solventless paint process (VPI). Therefore, the motor has excellent insulation performance, good mechanical strength and good moisture resistance.
The motor adopts advanced and reliable cast aluminum rotor structure to ensure the reliability of motor operation. The copper bar rotor structure ensures the high starting torque of the motor.
●Scope of Application
The motor is used for driving coal mill and mill fan equipment

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