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Notice 1: whether the trademark still exists, whether the trademark has been withdrawn or not, and the current status of the trademark. Professional personnel are required to review the trademark.
Note 2: when the registered trademark is transferred, the trademark registrant shall transfer the same or similar trademark registered on the same or similar goods together.
Buy trademark note 3: the trademark transfer time is in 8-10 months. 1-1.5 months, the trademark office will be accepted by the trademark, 2-6 months to the trademark office will review and examination as to substance, 7 to 10 months by the trademark office will be issued by the approved assignment of a registered trademark certificate. You don't worry about the trademark transfer time is too long, can't use the trademark, the trademark legal trademark transfer time is the time that actually bought in meters horse trademark net trademark can use seven days, a week can legally use the trademark, the rest of the trademark transfer to m horse trademark is dealt with.
Note 4: transfer of trademark transfer notarization, the notarization of trademark transfer is not necessary, but from the perspective of transfer security, we suggest to do a notarization, so as to prevent backtracking.
Buy transfer of trademarks, buyers need to pay attention to in addition to the trademark belongs to category of conform to their own development needs, also need to pay attention to how the legal status of the trademark, is already under the card after the certificate, or are in the application of the trademark. The more obviously the latter risk even more. If buy used trademark, buyers need to pay attention to the renewal of trademark, but if a buyer choose the large trademark transfer trading platform, because platform to sell brand to do a basic audit, so these considerations can be largely avoided. Even so, the buyer is still not soWith light heart.
The process of trademark transfer is usually tedious and complicated and takes a long time to process, which is why we suggest that merchants seek an agency to handle it. If a merchant handles the trademark transfer by himself or herself, he or she may fail to handle the trademark transfer because of a certain detail.How Trading Mark

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