Antimicrobial peptides, a cluster of small peptides secreted by the majority of creatures,have been demonstrated with activity against a wide range of microorganisms including bacteria, protozoa, yeast,fungi,viruses and even tumor cells. These peptides have some features such as broad spectrum, high efficacy and stability,little drug resistance. A lack of new antibiotics combined with emerging multi-drug resistance issues demands that new antimicrobial strategies be explored for treating these infections.It has been proposed that the antimicrobial peptides might form the foundation for a new class of clinically useful antimicrobials.
Product Specification
Antimicrobial peptides material is used in the medical&pharmaceutical industry, such as the control of animal disease, antimycotic drugs锛宎ntivirus drugs锛宎ntineoplastic drugs锛宱f human beings锛?and also used in the Food preservative industry; chemical reagent; extractive industry.
Packing,Storage,Handling and Transportation
Antimicrobial peptides material is packaged in aluminum bags.
The product should be stored in its original packing or in a suitable sealed container and kept in a clean and dry place.Storage conditions should preferably be a sheltered environment with limited temperature variations and low humidity levels.Touch the package with water or any other liquid directly will cause the product to cake,should not be stacked in pallets.Under normal conditions,the use of this product does not cause any undue health hazard.Precautions must be taken to prevent solid or liquid product to contact with skin or eyes.
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