Product Introduction
STN (Super Twisted Nematic) uses an electric field to change the alignment of liquid crystal molecules that have been distorted by more than 180 degrees to change the optical state. An external electric field changes the electric field by means of progressive scanning, and each point of the voltage is repeatedly changed in the electric field. The recovery process is slower, resulting in afterglow. Its advantage is low power consumption, with the greatest advantage of power saving.

Product Parameter
ProductTwist AngleOperating Temp.VoltagePolarizer TypeDisplay ModeView AngleConnection TypeDrive Type
STN Positive LCD Display180-270掳Ordinary temp.: 0-50鈩?
Sub-wide temp.: -10-60鈩?
Wide temp.: -20-70鈩?
Super wide temp.: -30-80鈩?
Limitation temp.: -40-85鈩?/p>Low voltage: 锛?V;
Ordinary voltage: 3V-5V;
High voltage: 锛?VReflective
TransflectivePositive3 o'clock
6 o'clock
9 o'clock
12 o'clockPIN

Product application
Industrial and instrumental applications -- Car Dashboard

Home and smart appliances -- treadmill

Medical devices -- Temperature controllerSTN LCD Display suppliers

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