Product description
The M3-M12 electric tapping machine is a machine tool that can perform internal thread tapping on various steel parts. It can complete ultra-deep hole tapping several times the diameter of the screw hole at one time, which is efficient and labor-saving, and can satisfy most Thread processing requirements. It is suitable for general machinery industries such as machinery manufacturing, machine tools, molds, plastics, printing, packaging, engineering, automobile and motorcycle accessories, aircraft engines, etc.
Product details
1. The electric tapping machine has low torque and high speed, high torque and low speed, and has the protection functions of over-voltage, over-current, and overload.
2. The touch layer design, automatic or manual selection, accurate positioning, fast cutting, simple and efficient operation, saving time and worry.
3. When tapping holes or blind holes, the tap never breaks.
1. The scope of work activities is larger, and heavier workpieces do not need to be moved, which improves work efficiency.
2. Simple operation, light weight, low work intensity, suitable for various light and heavy tasks.
3. With advanced flexible tapping system, blind hole tapping is not easy to damage the tap, which ensures the processing of high-quality threaded.
Technical Parameters
ModelM3-M12 electric tapping machine
Working pressure220V
Rated power600W
Tapping capacityM3-M12
Working typeVertical/universal
Working radius1100mm
Torsion protection chuck
ISO Standards (6PCS)M3,M4,M5,M6/8,M10,M12
Gross Weight30kg
Package methodWooden case
Optional accessories1. 300kg magnetic base
2. 500*800 working table
Product Pictures
Q: What should I do if there is a problem with the product during the warranty period?
A: You can contact our after-sales service on working days, and our engineers will provide 24-hour online service and free technical support.
Q: Why choose your products?
A: A professional manufacturer of machinery and equipment for more than ten years, high quality and competitive price, special craftsmanship, advanced functions, high precision, easy-to-operate products, and complete models and colors for buyers to choose, and use and Long service life, professional certification and factory inspection guarantee product Electric Tapping Machine

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