Zhejiang Xianfeng Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "ice bears") was founded in 2010, focusing on the "draft" high, refined, sharp technology in the field of environmental science and technology products, not only for tall building ventilation equipment research, more world as cool as ice in xian feng personalized service mode, can achieve different user demand for ventilation and cooling. Xianfeng introduced Industrial Ceiling Fan to China, developed it into a new industry, and continued to drive the overall development and prosperity of the industry.
In the past 10 years of rapid development, xianfeng has been at the forefront of the industry in the research of ventilation equipment for tall buildings. It has N patents and several invention patents, and has a complete product system; Such as suitable for the factory of the emperor penguin ice leopard suitable for commercial ice bear proud fox. Xian feng always adhere to "create perfect products, provide the SSR service" as the enterprise mission, therefore established a series of new products, new type of drive system, complete control system research and laboratory in the country under the support of the customers like the user has large global coverage such as Shanghai geely automobile hals keep-warm glass group, haier air conditioning Leo shares shentong express samsung electric group west elevator co. It's pictographic. From shellfish, related to wealth. To be virtuous; Many ability abundant: this is the gift vessel that holds valuable article. Ready-made customer's heart xianfeng think cool bring wealth gradually hot world xianfeng is willing to make a contribution to the country to participate in the great cause of energy conservation and emission reduction of Chinese enterprises In the future, xianfeng will always adhere to the "ventilation, cooling, energy saving and emission reduction", uphold the "sincere, respect; The value of "focus, heart", starting from wenling, to catch the cool wind blowing to the world, comfort the whole earth comfort each hot mind.6 Blades Industrial Ceiling Fan suppliers

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