This stainless steel melting furnace is mainly composed of a 3-phase 12-pulse intermediate frequency power cabinet and special steel shell furnace. The rectifier part of the 12-pulse IF power supply adopts the 6-phase 12-pulse full-control bridge rectifier circuit, which mainly rectifies the 50Hz alternating current into DC.12 pulse wave series fully controlled rectifier circuit composed of 12 thyristors, input power frequency grid voltage, controls the conduction of silicon controlled, provide the rectifier source without 5 and 7 harmonic components for the load. Realizes the output continuous adjustable DC voltage. The inverter adopts an ordinary parallel resonant load. The thyristor is the main control element in the 12 pulse thyristor if the power supply to achieve a better energy-saving effect. The stainless steel melting furnace is solid and durable, beautiful, and generous, especially the large capacity furnace body needs the strong rigid structure, considers from the safety Angle of dumping furnace, USES the steel shell furnace as far as possible.
Product features
鈼?Good stability of the steel shell furnace helps to prolong lining life.
鈼?The magnetic yoke made of silicon steel can shield the magnetic field line produced by an induction coil, reduce magnetic flux leakage, improve thermal efficiency, increase output, and save energy by 10%-15%.
鈼?The cyclone cover reduces heat loss and improves the safety of the equipment.
鈼?The cyclone smoking hood has excellent vacuuming and heat preservation effect, taking up less space. You can flip it back and forth, and you can stay in any position.
鈼?The whole machine adopts a double rectifier circuit, dynamic equalizing pressure, with phase shortage, overpressure, over-current, low water pressure, and artificial misoperation protection.
鈼?Current limit, voltage limit, balance, stable function, good frequency sweep start performance.
鈼?3 phase 12 pulse has an obvious energy-saving effect and stable performance.
鈼?The advantages of easy maintenance, small harmonic interference, strong overload capacity, and low maintenance cost.
Product parameters
Stainless Steel smelting furnace (1450鈩?
Melting rate(t/h)
Melting consumption(kwh/t)525525525520520510500500490490500500500
Cooling water flow(m鲁/h)5710131825303455627292100
Our services
鈼?Free technical advice, professional technical proposal.
鈼?The machine is guaranteed for one year. Lifetime after-sales support.
鈼?Provide detailed plant layout and installation instructions as well as post-maintenance manuals and training.
鈼?Provide overseas after-sales support, on-site installation, and commissioning services.
鈼?Strict implementation of the factory before 100% testing.
鈼?Professional export packing, long sea voyage also need not worry.
This stainless steel melting furnace is widely used in metallurgy, forging, casting, refining, machinery, building materials, automobile manufacturing, and other industries. Stainless steel liquid can be dumped clean, replace crucible can also be smelted aluminum alloy, copper, iron, lead, etc. One furnace multi-purpose, improve production efficiency.Metal Melting Furnace

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