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Yangxi County Hope Health Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the Zhongshan Torch (Yangxi) Industrial Transfer Industrial Park in Yangxi County, a famous tourist coastal city in China. It is a professional manufacturer of masks and medical epidemic prevention products integrating production, wholesale and export trade. The company was established in 2020 with a registered capital of 5 million yuan, covering an area of 3,000 square meters, a construction area of 5500 square meters, and a workshop area of 800 square meters. Equipped with professional production equipment, fully automated production line, standardized dust-free antibacterial production workshop and testing room, more than 150 employees, with a daily production capacity of 500,000.
The company implements a scientific management model, has a group of staff with high professional level, good quality and excellent service, and a united and aggressive marketing team. Taking honesty and trustworthiness as the corporate culture, we always adhere to the business philosophy of "honesty first, quality first". Now it has passed many tests and certifications such as European CE EN14683 and FDA certification. With strong production technical force, equipped with many professional and advanced mechanical equipment, professional technicians and management personnel, professional production technology and complete after-sales service, the establishment of domestic advanced mask production base.
The company's quality management is rigorous. In order to ensure the quality of products and satisfy customers, the products must undergo strict testing and strictly control the quality of the products. High-quality products and the most favorable prices are favored by domestic and foreign customers. Now we have reached cooperation with many leading enterprises and established a very strong sales and service network around the world. Customers are located in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Germany , France, Southeast Asia, Russia, Central Africa, Australia and other regions and countries. We sincerely welcome customers from home and abroad to call us for consultation. The company looks forward to sincere cooperation with customers at home and abroad, go hand in hand, mutual benefit and achieve a win-win situation.
Business Scope
Biotechnology research and development; medical device technology research and development, production, sales, repair and maintenance, technical testing and rental services; refrigeration equipment, electromechanical equipment, liquid nitrogen biological containers, refrigeration products, laboratory equipment, electronic products, communication products, automation management system technology Development, sales and after-sales service; software development and sales; computer network technology development; technical consulting; chemical products (excluding hazardous chemicals and precursor chemicals), instruments and meters, laboratory consumables, furniture, office automation equipment; Production and sales of non-woven fabric products, protective products, and labor protection products; technology development, technology transfer, and technical consulting services for pest prevention and control; removal of four harmful products (excluding rodenticides), cleaning supplies, health food, and medicine E-commerce; cold chain transportation; import or export of goods or technologies (except for imports and exports of goods and technologies that are prohibited by the state or involve administrative approval).
Product Quality
The mask is generally three layers, the innermost layer is generally polyester needle punched fabric ( one side is lighter.), The middle layer is a melt-blown filter material, and the outer layer is generally PP spunbond cloth. The meltblown cloth is the core material of the mask. The spunbond layer and meltblown layer are made of polypropylene PP material. Meltblown fabrics use polypropylene as the main raw material, and the fiber diameter can reach 0.5-10 microns. These ultrafine fibers with unique capillary structure increase the number and surface area of fibers per unit area, thereby making the meltblown fabrics have good air filtration properties. Is a good mask material. In large, medium and small medical institutions, in earthquake- and flood-affected areas, during the high season of SARS, avian influenza and H1N1 virus, melt-blown filter paper plays an irreplaceable role with its strong filtering performance effect. The main use of meltblown cloth: filter materials, medical and health materials, environmental protection materials, clothing materials, battery separator materials, wiping materials.
The mask materials are all made of non-toxic, odorless, non-allergenic, non-irritating,without any toxic and harmful substances and glass fiber polypropylene as the main raw material, humanized design, high standard material selection, high quality manufacturing, high quality factory, multi-standard products, multi-country National certification, facing the global market at multiple levels. The cover has the characteristics of soft and full feel, high-efficiency filtration, anti-low toxicity, anti-virus, deodorization, breathable and comfortable, sanitary, convenient, safe and beautiful.
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