The sea cucumber peptide is a marine biological active peptide produced from the precious sea cucumber intestine eggs, which has a wide range of applicable population and good nourishing effect. Sea cucumber peptides are high-protein, multi-nutrient, low-cholesterol and low-fat, easily-absorbable active peptide foods, which have both nutritional supplementation and functional regulation. The sea cucumber extract may help to reduce the joint pain and it also contains natural anti-inflammatory compounds.are eurycomanone, total protein, total polysaccharide and glycosaponin.
1. Sea Cucumber Peptide can anti-fatigue,keep skin smooth and elastic, delay the aging of the body.
2. Sea Cucumber Peptide can improve body immunity.
3. Sea Cucumber Peptide can lowering blood sugar,tonifying kidney and nourishing blood.
1. Sea Cucumber Peptide applied to food fields.
2. Sea Cucumber Peptide applied to health care products.
3. Sea Cucumber Peptide applied to cosmetic fields.
Shandong Holy Leaf is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of chemical products, natural plant extracts, and biochemical raw materials. At present, an independent R & D team has been established, and it has close cooperation relationships with many local universities and research institutions, and strictly produces in accordance with GMP specifications.
At present, there are fully equipped hardware facilities such as liquid chromatograph, meteorological chromatograph, ICP-MS, ultraviolet detector, automatic moisture monitoring system, and microbial control detection system, which are the basic guarantee for the company to develop new products and develop new processes.Peptides suppliers

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