Product description:
Mine overhead crane consists of four parts: main girder, end frame, electric hoist and electrical control equipment. The girder adopts u-groove welding structure and i-beam welding structure. The transmission system has a strong overload capacity, simple structure, easy installation, and use, maintenance, low cost, suitable for frequent work workshop goods lifting.
This mine overhead crane is suitable for machining workshops, warehouses, factories, yards and other material handling situations, especially transportation, assembly, inspection and maintenance as well as loading and unloading of various goods. Suitable for precise positioning of materials processing, large parts of the precise assembly. The use of equipment in flammable, explosive and corrosive environments is prohibited.
It operates through ground control, wireless remote control and cabin control.
Provide you with durable mine overhead crane equipment
Mine overhead crane is applicable to explosive gas which is formed by flammable gas, steam and air. Its explosion-proof grade is less than class B or class C, and the ignition group is larger than group T4.
1. Generally speaking, explosive gas mixture appears in a short period of time or exists for a long time.
2. Under normal circumstances, there will be no explosive gas mixture. However, in the abnormal case of equipment failure or disoperation, explosive gas mixture occasionally appears in a short period of time. Explosion-proof overhead cranes, grab overhead cranes and a variety of small mining lifting equipment, such as chain electric hoist and electric winch, are specifically designed for mining. Manual hoist can be used in special dangerous environment without electricity. Automatic control makes crane operation simple and easy. You can move the load to the final destination at any time. Cranes include protection components as well as operator protection and other safety devices.
Product details
These cranes are equipped with electric hoist and are widely used in workshops, warehouses and material warehouses. Our factory specializes in producing this series of cranes.
1. Mine overhead Crane beam:
Crane beam for welding beam structure. This reduces dead weight with higher vertical and horizontal stiffness and transfers smaller wheel loads to the crane runway!
2. Control mode
A drape line with a button or remote control or both
3. Safety features:
Weight overload protection device, high quality long-term load polyurethane buffer, crane trip limit switch, voltage reduction protection function, emergency stop system, current overload protection system, etc.
4. Design and construction rules:
All standards required for cranes are Chinese standards
5, Painting
Primer and finish
6. Color
According to your requirements
Our service
1. 24 hours online service.
2. Consultation service the customer can consult with experience experts of sevencrane .after fully understanding the needs of the customer, we will customized relevant schemes to help our clients choose the reasonable crane and provided the best quotation.
3. Installation and debugging service. And our technical staff can provide you with professional crane installation debugging services to help you spend less installation costs in the shortest possible time to start safe use of the of the mine overhead crane ,and the preventive solution to the problem may occur.
4. Training service. After the completion of mine overhead crane installation and debugging. We will train the customer鈥檚 engineers to help operate and maintain the equipment safely and efficiently. At the same time of training, we will also inform clients of the regular inspection points.
5. Spare parts service. Aging and wear of parts are inevitable as cranes are used, so seven crane鈥檚 technical data and inventories of vulnerable parts.
We welcome customers from all over the world to visit SEVENCRANE factory!Overhead Crane company

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