Water soluble paper
Product Introduction
Water soluble paper is specifically designed to rinse away in cold water after your project is completed.
For machine embroidery - Place the water soluble fabric in a hoop over the right side of the fabric. Embroider your design, remove excess soluble fabric and then rinse the remainder away. Ideal for high pile fabrics such as towelling and fleece.
Create your own motifs - Simply place two layers of soluble fabric in a hoop draw or trace your design using a water soluble pen. Stitch the design, making sure that your threads overlap. Release from hoop and rinse in cold water. Pin out to desired shape and leave to air dry.
This product adopts PVA imported from Japan as raw material. Produced by hot rolling process, the product has low melting temperature and no residual impurities. The appearance is similar to PP non-woven fabric, and the special lattice binding point can make the fabric friction with the bottom layer, not easy to slip off.
Product description
Item: CW035,CW040.
Fabric Stabiliser
Water Soluble
Product Specifications
Water soluble cloth weight: 25 g / ㎡ to 120 g / ㎡
Water-soluble fabric width: 50cm~ 180cm
Thickness: 0.20 mm to 0.55 mm
Finished melting temperature: 38 ° C

Product application
Embroidery base cloth of fine color embroidery
Gold, silver and other metallic embroidery base cloth
Note: the product must be sealed and packed without exposure to air. Placed in a well ventilated, temperature below 25 ℃ low temperature drying of space, to avoid the dissolutionbuy Embroidery Interfacing

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