Weigh Belt Feeders are flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of dry materials from powders to large pellets. It is designed to provide long term accuracy consistency and repeatability, which is particularly important when it comes to the performance of any weigh feeder or conveyor. Each weigh belt feeder can be adapted in length and width to meet any specific requirements from different customers.
The weigh belt feeders can be supplied with rough or flat belts. The well designed construction protect the scale from any detrimental influences disturbing the high accuracy weighing.
1: Easy operation and maintenance.
2: It has long operating life and high reliable.
3: Automatic belt tensioning device.
4: Simple and fast readjustment with test weight.
Weigh Belt Feeder
Belt width920mm
Infeed to discharge2.13m
Bulk density500kg/m鲁
Maximum capacity50.0 metric tons/hr
Minimum capacity16.7 metric tons/hr
Grade of beltFood industry
ColorWeight or green
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