1.5D Nylon Staple Fiber has an elongation of 20%~150%, has good resilience, fatigue resistance and thermal stability, its own strength and hardness have little effect on cleaning and antifouling. And the output is large and widely used.
Technical Data
Specification ItemsTargetLimits
Tenacity (GPD)6.3鈮?/p>
Elongation (%)45卤3
Denier deviation rate (%)3鈮?/p>
Length deviation rate (%)5鈮?/p>
Over length (%)1鈮?/p>
Multiple length (mg/100g)1鈮?/p>
Defects (mg/100g)1鈮?/p>
Crimps (No./25mm)25卤2
Specific Resistance (惟鈥m)1*1013鈮?/p>
Tenacity cv (%)
Elongation cv (%)12鈮?/p>
Oil content (%)0.2卤0.05
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