China Hengtai Group Co., Limited is an ISO certified Manufacturer, Supplier, Factory, Distributor and Wholesaler of Military and Police Equipment since 2004, at a time when International Trade could only be conducted via international long-distance call and fax.
With different demands from Government, Army, Police, Guard Department, Law Enforcement, Tactical agency, Security company, China Hengtai Group can offer full range of Military and Police Equipment as follows:
Army Uniform: Battle Dress Uniform, Army Combat Uniform, M65 Combat Field Jacket, F1 Army Uniform, F2 Army Uniform, Philarpat Camouflage BDU Uniform, Police Wool Greatcoat, Flight Overall Uniform, Military Sweater, Army and Police Officer Shirt, Military Camouflage T-Shirt, Military Webbing Belt, Military Peak Officer Cap, BDU Hat, Military Beret, etc.
Military Boot: DMS Boot, Dual Density Outsole Army Boot, Desert Boot, Jungle Boot, Combat Boot, Canvas Boot, Army and Police Officer Shoes.
Bulletproof Equipment: Bulletproof Helmet, Bulletproof Vest with Ballistic Insert Plate, Bulletproof Shield, Bulletproof Mask, Ballistic Jaw Protection, Bulletproof&Stab proof Vest, Bulletproof &Puncture-resistant material, etc.
Police Tactical Equipment: Anti-riot suits, Anti-riot helmet, Anti-riot shield, Anti-riot baton, etc.
Military Outdoors Equipment: Military Tent, Military Backpack, Military Sleeping Bag, Military Blanket, Military Camping Bed, Hydration Bladder, Military Goggle, Military Plastic, Aluminum and Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Cup, Cover, Military Aluminum& Stainless Steel Mess Kits, Military Cutlery, etc.
Biochemical protective clothing: Gas Mask, Biochemical Protective Clothes, Biochemical Protective Boots,AFFF Fire products, etc.
With quality products and flexible policy, welcome to buy Military and Police Equipment by factory price from China Hengtai Group Military and Police Equipment Co.,Limited via WhatsApp:8613302019738China Navy Officer Uniform

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