Our Factory
Founded in 1999. It is covered with 25880m2. Zhengyan Electric is the newly company with R & D,manufacture and marketing.
The company with many rich experiences for development and manufacture based on ACB, MCCB, MCB and parts of SMC, DMC and low voltage electric etc.
Zhengyan Electric offers quality products and services for many regions and countries.
Advanced process and test equipment is introduced in Zhengyan Electric with quality R&D and management team. Also learn from the industry cutting-eadge technology. Which improve the market ing network and open up the market for quality products and services.

Our Product

Product Application
High and low voltage electrical appliances
Production Equipment
Hydraulic press, injection press, assembly line, CNC milling machine

Production Market
Domestic market, South Korea, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey Solid State Frequency Converter factory

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