Polymer grade organoclay is a highly hydrophobic organic montmorillonite modified by a highly hydrophobic intercalant and is a broad spectrum polymer modifier.

Mainly used for polyolefin and EVA, TPO and other thermoplastic polymer twin-screw melt extrusion modification, improve the tensile strength, bending strength, modulus and other mechanical properties of the polymer, as well as improve the thermal deformation temperature (HDT), dimensional stability , gas barrier properties, flame retardant properties
Product Specification
ItemsSpecificationsTest results
Appearancelight yellow or beige powderbeige powder
Volatile matter at 105鈩?nbsp;(%)鈮?.01.65
loss content on ignition (%)鈮?037.74
Dry powder 500 mesh pass rate (%)鈮?599
Specific gravity g/cm31.7Pass
XRD d001 (nm)3.4PassChina Organoclay suppliers

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