Ayater filter element replacement
All products are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects and meet or exceed factory specifications in terms of quality, fit, form and functionality. Ayater high quality filter elements are constructed to withstand challenging filtration applications and exacting requirements in the industrial world, and our replacement for Taisei Kogyo SFT-12-150W is no exception.
Why choose us?
Our product line includes hydraulic filter elements, air compressor filters, air line filters and other unique products to cover all your filter needs for the industrial environment.Part numbers and brand names are to cross reference only.
Ayater Filtration is a worldwide provider of industrial filters, effectively supplying industrial filtration elements for many fields. Our range of products covers a large collection of filters built for almost any industrial need.
Taisei Kogyo SFT-12-150W Suction Strainer
More Taisei Kogyo filter numbers
F-3501-2-100KF-3501-3-40UF-3502-3-150KF-351-06-5UWChina Taisei Kogyo Filter

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